General Information

About Me

I’ve been a barbershopper since 1991 and an arranger since 1999. I’ve sung with St. Louis Harmony, Greater Harrisburg, and Vienna-Falls Choruses; I’m currently a Chapter at Large member in Sweet Adelines and a member of the Barbershop Harmony Society. I was a scholarship recipient in the former Sweet Adelines International Music Arrangers Program, and my arrangements have been performed by choruses and quartets all over the world, at both the regional and international levels. I’m active as a mentor for beginning and intermediate arrangers in Sweet Adelines and have written a book on arranging which is available for purchase on this site. In my professional life I’m an archivist at Georgetown University Law Center.


Voicing for all arrangements is SSAA.

Learning Tracks

I don’t make or sell tracks. If a song has learning tracks, you’ll see a link to the track maker’s website. Contact the track maker for availability and pricing.


I cannot send out unlicensed preview copies for copyrighted songs. SMP Press and BHS titles can be previewed online. For Sweet Adelines titles, some songs can be previewed; some not. Select the online store, then search on my name. For each title, select the “More Information” link. If the song can be previewed, it’ll be found there.

Custom Licensing

A few arrangements are not cleared for online sale, but can be cleared by way of a custom license, specific to your chorus or quartet. Links to the agency you’ll need to contact are included with each song.

In most cases, custom licenses can be requested through through the Barbershop Harmony Society. Please note that the BHS cannot clear songs for customers outside of North America. Customers outside the US and Canada need to work through the copyright agencies in their home country.

Commissioned Arrangements

My fee for commissioned arrangements is $200US. If the song is in SMP Press’ Copyrighted Song List, the song has already received copyright clearance and no further fees will apply. Please note that songs in SMP’s Copyrighted Song List cannot be exclusive. Any arrangement of a song in the SMP catalog must, under SMP’s licensing terms, be made available to all customers.

If the song isn’t in SMP Press’ catalog, or is a medley (SMP doesn’t license medleys), or if your group wants exclusivity on the arrangement, the group requesting the arrangement must request a custom license and the group is responsible for any clearance fees in addition to my fee for arranging the song. The Barbershop Harmony Society can facilitate this; I’m happy to provide contact information for BHS and information about the song you are requesting.

Are you a songwriter with a song you want arranged in 4-part harmony, barbershop style? I’ve worked with many songwriters on original works and I’d be happy to discuss your project.

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