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Music Theory and History

  • – Scales, chords, intervals, and other music theory topics.
  • Exploring Theory with Practica Musica – from Ars Nova Software. An online textbook with excellent discussions of music history and theory. Also available as a free iBook for Apple devices.
  • Jim Fleser, The Chord Wheel – Helpful book for learning the Circle of Fifths. Also available as an iPhone app.
  • Happy Birthday, Well Tempered Clavier – from JSTOR Daily, November 9, 2022. Has an interesting and concise discussion about tuning systems.
  • Thomas Forrest Kelly, Capturing Music: The Story of Notation – About early music and how music notation evolved during the Middle Ages. Written for a non-academic, nicely illustrated. Print book has a companion CD; Kindle edition includes audio.
  • Music Printing History – Cool site about technologies that have been used to get music on the page.
  • – Free online theory course and paid apps for iPhone and iPad (Tenuto and Music Lessons)
  • Teoria – Tutorials for note reading, intervals, scales, chords, and harmony
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Music Notation



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Song Research

If you’re doing research for the Sweet Adelines Song Assessment Tool, these links will help.

Sweet Adelines Song Assessment Site

Has SAI’s Guiding Principles, Links to the Song Evaluation Database and other resources, and information about the Song Assessment Process.


Selected Sheet Music Collections

Historic Recordings

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