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Arranging Barbershop Harmony

My new book on barbershop harmony arranging for women’s voices, geared toward beginning and intermediate arrangers. Order your copy today using the PayPal link below. I’ll email the book to you (PDF) once I receive your order. Look inside.

What readers are saying about Arranging Barbershop Harmony

I’m only at p 26 but I love LOVE it so far. Simple clear straightforward language, a piece at a time, in sensible order, with wee reminders from time to time of something important that you’ve previously said … Looking forward to reading on…!
–Joey Minshall, CMA

What a wonderful undertaking you’ve got here! So professionally done, so well-referenced, and so up-to-date, with references on YouTube and the internet. Way to go!!!
–Joan D’Agostino, CMA
SAI Region 11 Arranger Education Co-Chair

I am half way so far, but the explanations are clear, concise and well referenced. Rather than saying something that someone else has already said, you refer to their clip. So I do have a lot of references to look up as well. In some cases, your explanation has helped me to understand a clip that I have already seen but didn’t fully understand at the time. I also love how you share your thinking and the decisions you made with the exemplar given. It makes a lot of sense. Thank you for writing this! I can’t wait to see what gems await me in the second half!”
–Rowena Harper

“LOVE your book Carole!!! You did an outstanding job!!!”
–Wendy Hofmann

I was able to read through the first half today, Carole. I’m loving it! It’s quite thorough, and I appreciate your generous use of illustrations, examples and external source links. I’m looking forward to reading the rest! My music theory is decent, but I’ve still lots to learn, and there’s enough new to me in your book to make the purchase well worth it! P.S. EVERYBODY CONTACT CAROLE IMMEDIATELY AND GET YOUR OWN PERSONAL COPY OF HER ARRANGING BOOK! Oh, and it’s chock full of great music and barbershop education to be of benefit to more than just arrangers!
–Jeanie Correa

Order your copy today! Look inside.